Welcome to my blogging Page!

This site is the main website for the regathering and restoration work on the lost tribes of Israel scattered to the four corners of the globe. It has just gone through a major and complete overhaul. So if you visited the site in the past, you will find everything is new and different. Nevertheless, this is a more powerful website and is running on my own server. This give me more control over the ongoing work.

I write regularly on black History. Is this your first time reading any of my black history books or blogs? If so, please be advised in the blogs you are reading commentaries I have written to advertise my various black history books and websites. Articles I will be discussing will be African focused and linked to Biblical History. I will be highlighting details about the African continent and how it relates to the Bible. So you will be reading stuff you may not have known before. I have chosen this path to help black youth deal with the issues they face in present day society. I am of the strong belief the issues with adolescents has a lot to do with lack of knowledge about their history. I believe learning about their historical past can help shape their outlook on life choices.

Please visit this blog page often as any new information on our black history will appear here first before anywhere else. The information posted will be both ancient and current.

I will also appreciate anyone wishing to contribute articles on black history. So if you have any story regarding black people’s history, please send them to me and I will be more than happy to post them on the site. Use the Message Us form on the About Us page to send your article. Thank you!

There is one important point I will like to draw to your attention going forward otherwise our awakening could turn into Judgement instead of a blessing. Please click the link below to read it.