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Did you know the Bible speaks of two exoduses of the Israelites? Every black person needs to know about the Reverse Exodus because it is the story of the fall of the black race from glory.

One fact you may not know is the Bible is the Black History book? White people did not write the Bible. They simply translated it into their languages so they could understand it. The real authors of the Bible were the Hebrews who were black people. Their recorded history put together in one book is what we call the Bible. Among the many stories they recorded are the accounts of their demise - the downfall of the black race.

You may know about the exodus story where Moses took the Israelites from ancient Egypt to the Promised Land. What you may never have heard of is the Reverse Exodus. This saw the majority population of the Hebrews return to Africa almost a thousand years after settling in the Promised Land.

So what made them return to Africa? The story and the answers are all revealed in the book: "The Call to the Hebrews." Read the E-book: The Reverse Exodus of the Hebrews to find out the full story.

Also, the ten plagues God visited on the Egyptians in the first exodus, nearly destroyed the country. However, in the second exodus, events that took place were so profound it destroyed ancient Egypt as a super-power permanently. In the first exodus, the Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness, in the second exodus, it was the Egyptians who God made to wander about in the wilderness for forty years. 

The reverse exodus was undoubtedly many times bigger and more momentous than the first exodus. But the strange thing is; most God fearing people have never heard it or of the shocking events that took place.

The upheavals in the reverse exodus were so great it drove the Hebrews back to Egypt and into sub-Sahara Africa. Because hardly anyone is aware of the story of the reverse exodus, people are not aware of how the momentous events that unfolded shaped the African continent into the wretched condition it is in today. 

All of this information along with so many other mysteries of the ancient Israelites are revealed and discussed in detail in the book; "The Call to the Hebrews." Read about the reverse exodus because these were monumental events in the lives of the ancient Israelites and what happened has great bearing on black history and our worship of God today. 

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  • Comment Link Mawuli Tuesday, 25 June 2013 21:57 posted by Mawuli

    Sorry Akorfa,

    The books are currently NOT available anywhere in Africa. But I am working to redress the omission. I am hoping to have the books in West Africa in the very near future.

  • Comment Link Akorfa Sunday, 23 June 2013 22:08 posted by Akorfa

    Ny3 Bro, is there any shop in Accra-Ghana where I can get a copy of this book to buy?

  • Comment Link Mawuli Tuesday, 02 April 2013 09:56 posted by Mawuli

    @ Justice. Do a Google search on the subject and you will find people in that kind of business online. But before you go down this route, do yourself a favour and read my blog on the dangers and flaws of tracing ancestry through DNA. The following is the link to the blog.

  • Comment Link justice Tuesday, 02 April 2013 04:09 posted by justice

    I want to do my dna tree where do I start my mother is African and my father is Puerto rican and Italian

  • Comment Link Mawuli Sunday, 24 March 2013 23:16 posted by Mawuli

    @ toviyah

    Yes the Yoruba are Hebrews aka the Israelites. The name Yoruba is a recent name for the people coined by the late Bishop Ajayi Crowther. Prior to the invention of the name Yoruba the people were known by their original, true and proper name which translates as Hebrew in the English language. All of this is explained starting from page 273 of the book: The Call to the Hebrews.

  • Comment Link toviyah Sunday, 24 March 2013 15:31 posted by toviyah

    is yoruba tribe from west africa Nigeria people hebrew ? and if so are they israelites ?

  • Comment Link Mawuli Wednesday, 09 January 2013 16:02 posted by Mawuli

    Hi Martha, Have you read any of my books? If so you will find most of the information I am writing about are ancestral secrets that has never been told. Give me your email address and I will email you a FREE copy of my latest E-book, which shows the link between our local oral traditions and what is in the Bible.

  • Comment Link Martha Wednesday, 09 January 2013 13:35 posted by Martha

    I was looking for some information on the isarelities and the original and foundation of the bible and reading the bible we need to study further the history of the people their lifestyle mentioned in the bible . I was in the process of making an application for DNA testing to find out more about my ancestors I know that my grandfather was scottish and he married a caribeean /african woman as i was drawn to the european jews and have studied and done some research. I was led to your website. Thank you for website it is fascinating. Where do you get your information/knowledge and where do your research?

  • Comment Link Chevron Dove Wednesday, 13 April 2011 17:35 posted by Chevron Dove

    I'm interested!

    I saw your post on

  • Comment Link Allotey Jacobs Friday, 08 April 2011 18:13 posted by Allotey Jacobs


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