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The Africans Who Wrote The Bible

Written by  Mawuli
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Image of The Original Hebrews Image of The Original Hebrews

The Africans Who Wrote The Bible

Have you had this encounter with people who will tell you that they know the Hebrews lived in ancient Egypt for 400 years. Nevertheless, these deny flatly that the Hebrews were Africans despite the fact the Hebrews first became a nation in Africa. I am sure you will agree if they were Africans they would have looked like other Africans. As the saying goes, a picture is more than a thousand words.  The above image of Afro-textured haired men is taken from the of British Museum in London. That is the image of the Hebrews aka the ancient Israelites who wrote the Bible. Notice both the head hair and the beard are Afro-textured. The only people in this world, with Afro-textured hair, are black people/black Africans. Compare the texture of the hair of the image above to that of the black African woman shown here. As you can see the hair texture is the same. Therefore, going by the hairstyle, without a doubt the image you see of the Hebrews depicts them as black people because it is only black people of African descent/origin that have Afro-textured hair.

Black African woman

Yes, the Bible writers were black Africans. It was these Africans that left ancient Egypt to settle in the Promised land and created the country called Israel. Contrary to what many think, the Hebrews first became a nation in ancient Egypt, which is in Africa. Thus, for the 400 years they sojourned in ancient Egypt, the Hebrew people were Africans in every sense of the word. It may come as a surprise to know that before the Suez was canal was built in recent history to cut Israel from Africa, some of of what is Israel was part of the African continent. In fact, the Sinai desert, where Moses and the Israelites wandered for 40 years was then and is still part of Egypt and Africa. These are the facts from the Bible. But there are people who will tell you, contrary to the evidence, the Israelites people were never Africans.

Before becoming a nation in ancient Egypt there was no Hebrew nation in existence. It was in ancient Egypt during the 400 years living in Africa that the Hebrew nation was born. With this in mind, how can anyone honestly claim that somebody lives in a land for 400 years but is not a citizen of the country? That is what those denying that Moses and his fellow Hebrews were not Africans are saying. No matter which way you look at the case, it does not make an iota of sense that these people hold this view. Nevertheless, these people steadfastly hold onto their opinion that the ancient Hebrews were not Africans.

So the logical question is: if they were not Africans what country did they belong to? Because everyone belongs to a country or is from somewhere? When the question is put those denying that the ancient Israelites, during their 400 stay in Africa were not Africans, they cannot provide an answer.

Let's look at it another way. Take America as an example, it has been in existence for nearly 500 years but no one denies that the white Europeans who settled in the land are Americans. Likewise no one looks at African-Americans who were taken as slaves from Africa to the Americas and say these are not Americans either. No one denies they are Americans because it flies in the face of logic to do this. That is precisely those denying that the ancient Israelites, during their 400 stay in Africa were not Africans are doing - being illogical.

Illogical in the sense that these very same people who have no problem seeing African-Americans as American citizens will turn around and tell you Moses and the Hebrews were not Africans despite the fact they lived in a ancient Egypt for 400 years. These hold the view that because the ancient Hebrews were slaves to the ancient Egyptians that is why they do not see them as citizens of ancient Egypt. By their logic African-Americans cannot be said to be American citizens either. It is as simple as that. For the simple reason African-Americans were also once upon a time, slaves in the Americas. In fact, the ancient Israelites were one step better in this sense they were originally free citizens of Egypt before they were enslaved by the Egyptians. African-Americans ancestors on the other hand arrived in America in the cargo hold of slave ships.

Despite the similarity in the comparison of the two situations, the descendants of these who went to America in the cargo hold of slave ships at the loudest to deny that the ancient Israelites were citizens of ancient Egypt. What do you think? Post your comments in the black history forum.

Find out more by reading the sample pages of the African History book; The call to the Hebrews.

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