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Thursday, 03 October 2013 12:02

African History Books-About Us

Written by  Mawuli
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There are African ancestral information about you as a black man or woman you need to know about to help you lead a successful life. This information is important and is the solution to black peoples' suffering all over the entire world.

Nonetheless, due to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, which caused many African men and women to be distributed around the globe, this vital African history became lost to these and therefore, it is hard to get our folks in these countries to hear or knowAfrican History books: Calling all black people about this concealed knowledge.

This site has been purposely created  by an African prince of the Former Slave Coast to handle this difficulty and disperse the necessary information about our black history. Thus, this website functions as the portal to distribute the concealed information about our ancestors to black people all around the world.

For several years, black men and women desirous of figuring out their roots have been let down at the scant details about their origins. In the Americas, black history books that are available to Caribbean and AfricanAmericans generally goes back to the time of slavery. Following that there is absolutely nothing at all to further tell them about their origins. In desperation to know their roots, some turned to speculation to fill in the gaps. Meanwhile, other folks wrote books that are pure fiction and named it black history. The more enterprising sought refuge in the history of ancient Egypt. Even so, due to the fact ancient Egypt was in North East Africa, its history does not inform about what went on in other parts of Africa. Moreover, concentrating on ancient Egypt in North Africa, is not likely to reveal concealed information our ancestors in West Africa (where most slaves to the Americas originated from), would like us to know about.  As you are about to discover upon reading the feature book on this site; "The Call To The Hebrews," ignoring our acknowledged ancestry in West Africa and rather concentrating on Historical Egypt has been an expensive mistake. Due to the fact we have been focusing in the wrong places, we missed vital information that could help alleviate black peoples' suffering and for this mistake, we suffer needlessly. The solutions to stop black peoples' suffering is right beneath our noses if we care to look. Our known ancestry in West Africa has all the details we require as black people to save us from our unique state of degradation in the world .

Nevertheless, in Africa itself, when it comes to knowledge about their African history, the scenario to many is not all that different to those black people in the Americas.  The privileged ones are blessed with the oral history of their origins. However, because of war and displacement, many lost knowledge of their history and hence are not able to tell with any certainty, their origins. To give you a case in point: Did you know the name Yoruba is a modern title of the people of Western Nigeria, and this title is less than two hundred years old? Nonetheless, millions of West Africans are Yoruba, and due to the fact it is a new title, it obscures and hides the history of the people called Yoruba. Thus, most Yoruba men and women can't trace their history beyond the date of the creation of the Yoruba name. Therefore, as a result of this interference with their ancestral name/title; to many Yoruba people, their history is only two hundred years old. Nearly anything outside of that is a mystery.

As mentioned, this internet site addresses the void in black history (African History) by telling the tale of a significant segment of sub-Sahara Africans, which includes the Yoruba. It tells you of people whose ancestral history is comparable and rivals that of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt is not the only African civilization. We had a significant other, and you are going to read about these on this site. These also originated from ancient Egypt but the big difference is theirs is a trail of documented proof that reveals their time in ancient Egypt and how they came and settled in other areas of Africa, south of the Sahara, nearly three thousands years ago. These ancestors lived in ancient Egypt but presently they are spread all around Africa. It is the descendants of these (Caribbean and AfricanAmericans) who ended up afterwards as slaves across the Atlantic. Therefore, the featured book on this site: "The Call to the Hebrews," is the history of not only folks in Africa but is also the black-history-book of our brothers and sisters in the Americas.

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