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The image of the Afro-textured hair men above is the TRUE IMAGE of the ancient Israelites, courtesy of the British Museum in London. Notice the head hair and that of the beard is the same Afro-textured hair. This shows or means, the hair on their head is not a hairstyle but the hair in its natural state. The following is an image of people living today with the same type of Afro-textured hair.

Afro-textured hair African woman

 Please note, afro-textured hair is the term used to refer to the natural texture of Black African hair that has not been altered by hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals (through perming, relaxing, or straightening). The image above is that of Hebrews in captivity to the Assyrians. Therefore, their hair as we see it, is in its natural state or condition. Compare the texture of their hair to that of the image of the African woman shown here. As you can see the hair texture is the same.

With hair-style like that, without a doubt those are black people. It is only black people of African origin that have afro-textured hair. But how can that be? I will not be surprised if you are thinking: I made a mistake. No I did not! That is the exact appearance of the ancient Israelites. The images of the ancient Israelites are on public display at the British Museum in London. You can see them for yourself free-of-charge by visiting the museum. The image you are looking at, is one of many similar depiction of the ancient Israelites by the Assyrians who conquered and drove Israel into exile.

 Yes the ancient Israelites were black people. The evidence is clear from the images shown on this site taken from the British Museum in London. Unless some doubters wanna say there are other people who also sport afro-textured hair but are not considered black people. That will be a joke, off course. So there you have it; the Hebrew were black people and since they wrote the Bible these revelations changes everything about black people and the Bible. That in fact, the Bible is the ultimate Black History Book.


 Who Is Who?

 However, the following are some images of modern Jews who also claim to be descendants of the Afro-textured hair people the Assyrians took into slavery and exile. See for yourself if you can tell any resemblance between the image of the genuine Hebrews above and the pictures of the pretenders below.


So what do you think? Do you think these people could in anyway be descendants of the Afro-textured hair men above?

What exactly is the story between the Afro-textured hair men above and the white long haired Europeans who claim to be descended from them?

 Find out the shocking truth. Read the FREE information in the sample pages of the Black History book; "The Call To the Hebrews."

 Find out what others are saying after reading the black history book: "The Call to the Hebrews." READ REVIEWS OF THE BOOK ON AMAZON


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  • Comment Link Mawuli Tuesday, 12 November 2013 13:59 posted by Mawuli

    This section is only for comments. Please post your questions, in the Discussion Forum so it can be properly addressed. Here is the link to the Forum,

  • Comment Link homepage Sunday, 10 November 2013 17:47 posted by homepage

    Friends, I'm having a delema about a Jesus' second coming. I get many conflicting answers, but I know someone has an answer that makes sense. The question is, if the year of Christ's first coming was given, why wouldn't the year of his sencond coming also be prophesied? Matt. 24:36 say's that no one would know the day or the hour, but it says nothing about a year. And, Dan. 12, in answer to Daniels question in verse 8, really seems to give a year for his second coming. In fact, all of chapter 12 is a wrap on history, setting a scene straight out of II Thessalonians on the second coming. Check it out. Please leave your comments, or visit FinalTimeProphecydotCom where this prophecy is, I believe, well explained. According to the author of, The Final Time Prophecy, DW, the time prophecy ends 2026. Looking for answers.

  • Comment Link felix kuje Monday, 28 October 2013 05:57 posted by felix kuje

    my home my faith: I want who are the first Christians witnesses in Africa

  • Comment Link Korsi-Agordo Celestine Saturday, 26 October 2013 17:59 posted by Korsi-Agordo Celestine

    This is no surprise at all. I am only happy that the truth about the blacks are being revealed. Everything good about us have been claimed from us but God is still with us. They can steal and change our historical facts to be theirs but they cannot change our identity. No wonder, when you go to typical communities of the present day Israelite you see people with the real black African skin.

  • Comment Link Vistarini Chacko Tuesday, 17 September 2013 00:00 posted by Vistarini Chacko

    I never, ever imagined I would have to know this, but thank
    goodness for the internet, right?

  • Comment Link Itanya Friday, 23 August 2013 03:47 posted by Itanya

    We must stand in unty for whats rightfuly ours the white people stole everything from us even our idenity. I am a convicted felon for stealing at the mall and can't get a job but they steal at the magnatude which they did rape us,our mothers sisters grandmother kids our minds but they are the one:s who sending us to prison for life for minor things cause thats how I feel can"t find na job cause I stole clothes for myself and children now I'm marked for life what about what they stole

  • Comment Link pius Wednesday, 31 July 2013 15:23 posted by pius

    It might be possible but about their genes? Are they the same??

  • Comment Link blessings Sunday, 28 July 2013 16:36 posted by blessings

    Havent read the book yet but looking foward to it but i do have a comment to someone on this blog glidzi what makes you beleive because they were african or black that they were poor blacks have always been rich and royalties in ancient times it wasent until the white race stole everything and tryed to claim the fortune, and fame for things those black ancestors created and possessed after stealing it they made the world believe that they came from riches and royalties but that wasent the case instead after being theives in the night we became poor and slaves it wasent then we where considered poor ,broke,slaves thats a white mans assumpition that they pumped into the worlds for us to believe thats why they tryed to prevent us from learning to read because they never intended for us to learn the truth about ourselves they knew blacks were powerful strong and inventors actually for yrs be believed we had to be careful and scared of the white man but actually they fear us the most not cause of violence but us ruling this world as we once did their afraid of our inteligence thats why they dont like president obama because its the start of a take back and yall should be fearfull cause we know know were eqaul and on a rise were all not failures society and lyies makes alot of us aware of whats going on just some food for your brain were just as intelligent as you guys and over a devafe i have seen poor whites as well so the tables r turning we comming to pocess back things thay once was ours starting with the jobs have a blessed day

  • Comment Link stephen Wednesday, 03 July 2013 11:26 posted by stephen

    nice info.i always saw similarities b/n ancient israel customs and old african customs and beliefs. the hebrew language is similar to most african languages as well.

  • Comment Link Mawuli Tuesday, 25 June 2013 21:53 posted by Mawuli

    Mr Darko Agyekum, Please visit the following new website I have opened for visitors to debate some of the things they read on this site.
    A place, where you will find similar minded people to share your thoughts as well as provide answers to any questions you have about your Hebrew Identity.

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