The Lost Tribes

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"The Lost Tribes of Israel" is how the world refers to the Hebrews. Can God's people really be lost? The truth is the Hebrews are not lost. They are not lost because most black people in the world are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. If you wish to know the truth, the evidence is in the sample pages on this site.

The truth of the matter is, the reason why the Hebrews are assumed to be lost is because of an accident in history which changed their TRUE name to something else. When you know their true name, (as you can read on this site) you will see yourself that they are not lost at all. Their identity is simply covered over by the name Hebrew, which incidentally is not the proper name of the ancient Israelites. The Hebrews were black people as you can see (kinky hair and beard) from the image below taken from the British Museum. These black people (Hebrews) moved to Africa 3000 years ago after the Babylonians destroyed their kingdom. These maintained the name of their ancestors. It is through them that we get to locate the rest of the lost tribes. You can read the full story of the Hebrews true identity and the Reverse Exodus back to Africa in the sample pages of the featured Book that reveals all these secrets: "The Call to the Hebrews."

Hebrew Slaves goint to exile

Image showing Assyrian soldiers flaying the skin off afro-textured hair Hebrews in Captivity

Thus as you can see from reading the sample pages, the descendants of the ancient Israelites romantically referred to as the lost tribes; are not lost at all. Their descendants have only FORGOTTEN their history and thus forgotten who they are. Without knowing one's history, it is easy to get lost in life. That is what happened to the lost tribes of Israel. They lost their historical name, which led to loss of knowledge of themselves as the descendants of the ancient Israelites. Reviving and showing them their history will let the people recognize who they really are and thus reclaim their lost heritage. In doing this, they bounce back and become the twelve tribes of Israel again . It is all to do with REMEMBERING who we are. The following book provides the missing information, which wakes up the lost tribes from their amnesia, and lets them know their true identity. This book is the first step to the restoration of the Israelites.






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