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More images of Dreadlocked and Afro-textured hair Hebrews from the British Museum in London.

Assyrian Soldier matching Hebrew slaves into captivity


Image shows ensemble of Hebrew Musicians with hair in dreadlocks performing. Taken from the mural of the siege of Lachish in Judah. The mural itself is found on the wall of the palace of Asshurbanipal at Nineveh.

Images of siege of Lachish at British Museum. Afro-textured hair Hebrew Captives bowing before the Assyrian conquering monarch

Closeup image of Hebrews paying homage to the Assyrian conqueror


Hebrew captives of war being marched off into captivity

Hebrews being flayed alive by Assyrian soldiers

Afro-textured hair Hebrews being flayed alive by Assyrian soldiers



Below is the glimpse of the advanced civilization the Hebrews lost 3000 years ago. The following video shows the ruins or remains of Tadmor, one of many cities which King Solomon built as part of his massive trading route. The Romans later renamed it Palmyra.



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