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Hebrews (4)

Afro-haired Israelites? You must be seeing things right? No you are not. That is depiction of the ancient Israelites by the Assyrians who conquered and drove Israel into exile.

The image of the Afro-textured hair men above is the TRUE IMAGE of the ancient Israelites, courtesy of the British Museum in London. Notice the head hair and that of the beard is the same Afro-textured hair. This shows or means, the hair on their head is not a hairstyle but the hair in its natural state. The following is an image of people living today with the same type of Afro-textured hair.

What was Moses doing for 40 days on Mount Sinai? The missing book of the Bible, the book of Jubilees explains the mystery.  Listen to this exciting book of the Bible, which fills in the blanks and answers a lot of questions about God. The book of Jubilees takes your knowledge of the Bible to a whole new level. Enjoy!


More images of Dreadlocked and Afro-textured hair Hebrews from the British Museum in London.

"The Lost Tribes of Israel" is how the world refers to the Hebrews. Can God's people really be lost? The truth is the Hebrews are not lost. They are not lost because most black people in the world are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. If you wish to know the truth, the evidence is in the sample pages on this site.