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These strange symbols pronounced 'Yod' 'Heh' 'Vav' 'Heh' represent God's name. Each row shows how the name has been represented through the ages in the Hebrew language. The symbols are known as the Tetragrammaton, which is a Greek word (τετραγράμματον) and mean the four letters.

The name of God appears in the original Hebrew language of the Old Testament, about seven thousand times. It also appears one thousand times in the New Testament. Despite this, there is not a single mention of the name in modern translations of the Bible. Why is that?

For more than two thousand years Bible scholars have struggled with the name of God because they did not know how to pronounce it.

Some say; "LORD," while others say, "GOD." Those are Titles of the Divine, but they are not his name. Is it Jehovah? No, it is not. What about Yahweh? That is also not his name. You are about to find out for the first time and the name of God follows after the image.

The name of God represented by the symbols in the image is pronounced:


Click the following sound file to hear how the Divine name is pronounced.

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The rest of the world may struggle with knowing the true name of God. The Hebrews on the other hand, have always known the name of the Divine.  Get your copy of the book and read how the Hebrews have preserved the Divine name to this present day.  Read the amazing story of the true descendants of the ancient Israelites who fled to Africa following the Babylonian conqest of their land and how they have survived in Africa to this present day and preserved their ancient customs and the Divine name. 








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  • Comment Link F. Sena Adjorlolo Saturday, 15 December 2012 23:42 posted by F. Sena Adjorlolo

    I was simply overwhelmed by the depth of your knowledge. I only hope you are keeping some info. in your heart, e.g. the meaning of the Name and the fact that it cannot be pronounced audibly but breathed, i.e. pronounced without voice using only 2 rare meaningful consonants. I am tempted to believe that the Almighty will reveal His Name in due course to His chosen else the Shibboleths take His name in vain. One again, thanks very much, nye bro, for the ear opener. We shall overcome.

  • Comment Link catherine fisher Friday, 20 January 2012 15:46 posted by catherine fisher

    thanks, for the information-

  • Comment Link Theophile Clegg Monday, 09 January 2012 12:19 posted by Theophile Clegg

    I find this book extremely interesting and biblically true without any doubt. However is it possible that Yahweh in Hebrew could be Yeveh in Eve/Ewe. As an Eve African man I strongly agree with your revelation and really think if many Africans, knows the root their mental enslavement may radically change. Press on and carry on with the good work.

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