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Black History DNA Hoax

Written by  Mawuli
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Many Black People, especially those born in the West, in the Caribbean and the Americas usually have this ongoing quest to understand their ethnicity. By ethnicity, I don’t mean they are not aware they are black people but rather they would love to know from which people their ancestors came from in Africa. Thus by ethnicity I mean their Black African History, which tells them their African roots. With limited information coming from Africans, these find it quite difficult to know exactly where in Africa and from which people their ancestors came from. In this and in the next series of articles on Black history, I hope to fill that void by answering the questions. I will show the true identity of the African slaves and hopefully bring to a closure this question mark that have hang over the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade hundreds of years after that diabolical episode in history came to an end.

Knowing ones true identity gives purpose to your life. Did you know Man can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as from a lack of bread? This means, just as starving from lack of bread can kill you. Likewise a people/nation that forgets its history are doomed to repeat the disastrous mistakes of the past.

Many black people in the Americas in their quest to find the origins in Africa tend to DNA for the answers. Unfortunately, this scientific tool has not provided the answers these seek. If anything, many have been led astray by this scientific tool.

To give you an example of what I mean, consider the video at the bottom of the page from YouTube. Non-Continental Africans may believe what they see in the  video to be true. But as I will show you in a minute unscrupulous people have seized upon DNA to mislead black people trying to find their ancestral roots in Africa.

Did you spot the falsehood? To spot it, listen again to Dr Bruce Jackson in the video. Notice he said: “it is impossible to trace a persons’ roots to a particular tribe or people in Africa.”

Dr Bruce Jackson’s view/opinion is the proper and authoritative scientific perspective. Even so, nobody is listening. This is because many celebrities have jumped on the DNA bandwagon and because of their patronage, everyone quickly jumps in with the blind belief it is possible to use DNA to trace one’s roots in Africa. The truth of the matter is; YOU CAN’T. Any reports or anyone claiming it is possible to use DNA to trace one’s roots in Africa is lying. And that lie is very much on display in the video. The Gentleman is told he comes from the Ashanti people. That is a BLATANT LIE. The reason that claim is a lie is because Ashanti is a CONFEDERACY of Akan people. Ashanti is a federation of Akans States similar to the USA is a federation of Caucasians. To make matters even more complicated, Ashanti exists within Akan nations. This means, you cannot isolate Ashanti from Akans. What I mean by that is; Ashantis do not have separate DNA to other Akans. Akan and Asante DNA are always going to be one and the same. Therefore, for the report to come out saying the person’s DNA can be traced to Ashanti is a grievous lie because it is impossible. The DNA report has to say the person is Akan, not Ashanti. Thus, just as someone cannot use DNA to prove one is an American citizen likewise someone cannot use DNA to prove they are Ashanti. Therefore, for the report to come out and boldly claim the recipient is an Ashanti shows clearly, it is a lie and the DNA report is not worth the paper it is written on.

According to Dr Bruce Jackson he and his colleagues were “on the floor laughing” after hearing 2005 reports that Oprah Winfrey announced she was Zulu.

These celebrities, Jackson said, have been misled about their lineage.

“I can assure that they’re NOT what they’re told they are,” Jackson said. ”There is no way that can be done.”

Sadly no one is listening to experts like Jackson and his colleagues.

Nevertheless, I have some good news for these searching for answers to their roots in Africa. You don’t have to worry about where in Africa your ancestors came from anymore. In this and the next series of articles on black history, I will show without any shadow of doubt; the true identity of African-Americans and black people from the Caribbean by revealing the identity of their ancestors who originated from West Africa.

To find out more on black history, please read the sample pages of the book the Call to the Hebrews.

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