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Did you know the Bible speaks of two exoduses of the Israelites? Every black person needs to know about the Reverse Exodus because it is the story of the fall of the black race from glory.

One fact you may not know is the Bible is the Black History book? White people did not write the Bible. They simply translated it into their languages so they could understand it. The real authors of the Bible were the Hebrews who were black people. Their recorded history put together in one book is what we call the Bible. Among the many stories they recorded are the accounts of their demise - the downfall of the black race.

You may know about the exodus story where Moses took the Israelites from ancient Egypt to the Promised Land. What you may never have heard of is the Reverse Exodus. This saw the majority population of the Hebrews return to Africa almost a thousand years after settling in the Promised Land.

So what made them return to Africa? The story and the answers are all revealed in the book: "The Call to the Hebrews." Read the E-book: The Reverse Exodus of the Hebrews to find out the full story.

Also, the ten plagues God visited on the Egyptians in the first exodus, nearly destroyed the country. However, in the second exodus, events that took place were so profound it destroyed ancient Egypt as a super-power permanently. In the first exodus, the Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness, in the second exodus, it was the Egyptians who God made to wander about in the wilderness for forty years. 

The reverse exodus was undoubtedly many times bigger and more momentous than the first exodus. But the strange thing is; most God fearing people have never heard it or of the shocking events that took place.

The upheavals in the reverse exodus were so great it drove the Hebrews back to Egypt and into sub-Sahara Africa. Because hardly anyone is aware of the story of the reverse exodus, people are not aware of how the momentous events that unfolded shaped the African continent into the wretched condition it is in today. 

All of this information along with so many other mysteries of the ancient Israelites are revealed and discussed in detail in the book; "The Call to the Hebrews." Read about the reverse exodus because these were monumental events in the lives of the ancient Israelites and what happened has great bearing on black history and our worship of God today. 

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